Workshops – Customized Training for Management and Professional Development

Teaching skills to others is central to the People Leading People mission of helping leaders excel at leading people.

When you request a workshop, we respond with our 7-Step Process by:

  1. Listening carefully to your needs, goals and objectives.
  2. Gathering and analyzing additional data, if needed.
  3. Recommending training and non-training solutions for the results you need to achieve.
  4. Designing training and materials relevant to your group and your organization.
  5. Creating metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop on job performance & business results.
  6. Facilitating the training for your small or large groups.
  7. Strategizing action plans for continued improvement and change.

The following workshops can be customized to meet the needs of the participants:

Powerful Positive Interactions

Learn skills for highly effective interpersonal interactions that meet both your needs and the needs of others.

Delivering Feedback that Works

Feedback is only effective if it is heard and acted upon.  In this workshop, participants learn how to deliver feedback in a way that results in positive outcomes.

Coaching for Performance

In this workshop, participants learn skills to effectively coach their employees in a way that motivates employees to perform at their best.

Leading Organizational Change

During this workshop, participants become familiar with the process that individuals experience when going through change and learn concrete steps they can take as leaders to increase the success of change initiatives.

Presentation Skills

Learn to develop and deliver an engaging and effective presentation that will meet the needs of your audience and achieve your goals.  If desired, participants can have their presentations recorded on their recording device (i.e., Smartphone).  Limit:  6 participants. .

Personality Styles in the Workplace

Utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) to learn about personality styles and how to work effectively to maximize the strengths of all team members.

Type in Teams

Utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) to learn about the strengths you and your teammates bring to the team and provide feedback to each other about what you can each do to take the team to the next level.

We Collaborate With You …

Before the workshop to:

  • Learn about your organization, people and changes you want to see as a result of the  training.
  • Identify the metrics and methods to evaluate the impact of the training.
  • Review the design and ensure it’s targeted to what’s important to you and your organization.
  • Plan pre-work, follow-up and relevant activities for transfer and reinforcement of learning.

During the workshop to:

  • Incorporate examples that are meaningful and relevant to your business.
  • Honor the participants’ knowledge; engage them in sharing experiences to enrich the learning.
  • Encourage you and/or key stakeholders to be involved (ex.,  kick-off the training, participate with the group, or be a subject matter expert).

After the workshop to:

  • Review a report with the participants’ ratings of the training.
  • Collect and analyze data on your key metrics to track the application of the training.
  • Strategize action plans for continued improvement and change.